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  Sharon Cardenas

Holistic RN, Health Educator


1979 Nursing degree at Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, TX

1984 Certiificate from Dr. Shererr's Natural Healing School, Santa Fe,  NM

2011-2014, The Falkner  School for Homeopathy with Dr. Doug Falkner

2017 Certified Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Practioner, offering alternatives to build one's immune system against contagious diseases, studied under Dr. Issac Golden and Cilla Whatcott, PHD

Presently studying under BIRI (Biological Immunity Research Institute) with Dr. Martin for  metabolic balance

"Prevention is easier than treatment." 

Dr. Issac Golden  


"It is not the life you live, it is the courage you bring to it".

Yogi Bhajan

"When the connection to the earth is steady,
then joy will be experienced."

Quantum physics is proving we are energy beings.  To be able to read one's electro- magnetic field/aura offers much information for health balancing purposes. Each  organ has an astral-etheric emanation. A saliva sample can be measured to understand the body's strengths and  weaknesses. .These vibrational readings are based on the healing seminars taken from  Reverend  Hanna Kroeger's work.  My  work  is 1:1 or remotely. "The modalities  to assist one's Vitality  include: homeopathics, herbs,  supplements ,balancing by  numbers protocol, specific foods, prayer etc.  Miguel  says of this work: "The unknown becomes known. Sharon does  her work with kindness and great intuition".

   Fees  for a reading are $55 and up. My work is based on the California Health Freedom Act .This system does not  diagnosis, cure nor prevent any disease. Seek your Health Profession's help as needed.


Imagine yourself moving safely and gently airborne in a cushioned sling with handles, as it satisfies your curiosity, unwinds your myofascia and yields a smile. This has been our family business since 2001, I never get tired of creating new moves, teaching beginners or more advanced souls.  After taking a class on the Omni Swing that included some Kudalini yoga,  Casey had this to say: " I felt my body was re-calibrating. It put my body back in alignment, it was magical!"    All yoga poses are modified. I am open to teaching online via Skype  or  1:1 in a public setting. If wishing to start your own practice I recommend using the Omni Swing.  It is the most comfortable and versatile.  You can  order it on the website below. Be ready for  therapeutic and fun sequences. Call 530-332-YOGA (9642

HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS (HP), building childen's  immunity against contagious diseases

To vaccinate or not is a question we parents must make. Are you ready to  learn what Homeoprophylaxis (HP) can offer for stimulating a child's general immunity?  HP is the use of potentiated substances in a  systematized protocol. It prevents the development of characteristics symptoms of infectious diseases. It  satisfies the process of naturally acquired disease by providing a vibrational pattern of the disease. There are no risks of toxic additives, adjuvants and their side effects. It can be started as young as one month  or anytime thereafter. Studies have shown children are the healthiest who have been on the HP program than those who choose to do nothing or are vaccinated. The specific homeopathic remedies  are given

by  parents over 32 months. It is one pellet per month  with me as a guide for non acute matters. It can be used for non and vaccinated children.   Mom, Amanda, says in using the HP kit: "It is so good to know we can help our children stay healthy in this way."   The Solution, Homeoprophylaxis, The Vaccine Alternative by Kate Birch CCDH and Cilla Whatcott, PHD. is a good resource book . It can be included with the kit. A free 15 minutes consult is offered regarding your needs, my fees as your guide and the HP kit.  I am also available for any introductory group talks on this subject for pregnant or  moms in general. Again I offer this education under the California Health freedom Act.



EFT or Emotional Freedom technique  is acupressure tapping while  intuitively dialoguing  about any  stressful situation,  be it  physical or emotional stress. The interaction can be done with me via the phone or skype. My fees is $30 or barter.   A healing tool one can do by  oneself is the work of  Bryon Katie.  It involves the  inner work of inquiry  and writing down  turnaround statements on "Judging our Neighbor". The templates are free to download.


Sharon Cardenas RN, 530-332-9642

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I am not a physician, I practice under the California Health Freedom Act. The statements made on this website  regarding working with  the electro- magnetic electric field, the aura, or  etheric body is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician or health care provider. The information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with a health care provider, and should not be construed as individual medical advice.

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