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Chinese Brush Painting

Welcome, to my world of meditation and appreciation for nature.  My paintings are printed on cards  measuring 5x7  inches.  They come with a cellophane protective covering.  Each one is available for $5.00.  They will all be different and  randomly chosen. You can order 1-12. The S&H of $7.50 is the same for each order.  Each piece of art is done with the intention to heal the soul and lift the spirit. .All sale proceeds go towards providing Homeoprophylaxis kits for those moms in need. Purchases can be via PayPal using the email: Just message : for Sharon's art.  Thank you!

Green Sea Turtle

"The White Heron"




Colored Bamboo

Cliffs Edge

Cactus Flower


Friends Forever

Morning Stillness



My paintings have been displayed at local businesses in Chico California.
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